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Crushing it since 2016. Aveda Institute graduate. Free spirited, down to earth, and wearing her heart on her sleeve. Incredibly detailed. Blondes, brunettes, brows and haircuts are her specialties. Be yourself and without a doubt, you will leave feeling confident. 

This could be you....

if you are interested in joining our team of stylists, click the link below.

Admit it, You're Dope AF. Now you just need the hair to match. Color, vivids, extensions, dreads, synths, or an awesome haircut. Now DAMN, You look good.

 Specialist in short hair and beard trims.OCD AF. Actually does really enjoy long walks on the beach.

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future stylist



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in the industry since 2013. specializing in blondes, but loves working with all hair types and textures. tons of fun, no bs. looking to make everyone look and feel like the best version of themselves.

Beauty starts from the inside, but looking good on the outside is icing on the cake. 

Are you hard working, honest, kind, licensed in Oregon and talented? If so, click the link below and hit us up.

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We're looking for a barber.

Detail oriented. check.

Reliable. check.

Self Motivated. check.

Likes working with others. check.

Apply below. check.





future stylist

this could be you

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Is it you?

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